Moving To A New Place

You have lived with your parents for as long as you know. It was about time you moved out and found your own place. Having some money saved is good side. But the thing is, you don’t know where would you like to live and in which kind of building. Do you want a house with garden and backyard?  Maybe even a small shed or garage for you to keep your car inside safe from weather conditions. Keep your tools that you use for hobby in shed. You know that house demands lots of attention and maintenance over the years. Painting the fence after the weather took its toll on it. And many other things that require your attention over time. Since we are living in fast paced time and can barely keep up with it, it may be better to get a condo or apartment. That way you will not have too many obligations about apartment.

This is where this project called Haus on Handy by City Developments Limited comes to save both you and the day. What is this project all about, you may be wondering? Allow us to explain it then. In Singapore there are some unused parcels on Handy road, and City Developments Limited company decided to take it and build apartment buildings there. Area is nearly five thousand square meters large, which offers quite a lot of space for building great apartment buildings.

Haus On Handy By City Developments Limited

What can you expect from Haus on Handy by City Developments Limited when it comes to condos and apartments? They will be building those condos and apartments on a rising slope, which will offer you a choice of view from your apartment. Having a good view is always appreciated by people who will live in that place. But, as sweet as it sounds, it is not most important thing when it comes to having a place to live. You need to have stores, bus or train station near you, schools for you children and other places of importance. You wouldn’t like to go miles away to get some bread and milk or meat for your lunch, no way. You want it all right there across the street. And yes, on Handy road, everything is nearby, maybe not right across the street, but it is close.

If you have your own car, you will want to park it in garage to protect it from weather and theft, and you will have your own spot, down in the basement of the apartment building. Another thing taken of the worry list for you. In case you do not own the car, there is local transport and lots of bus stops near the condominium. As of apartment or condo you want to rent, you don’t need to worry. Rest assured that they will be comfortable and family friendly. If you have some special wishes or you just want to reserve an apartment for you, just contact them via their site, and they will fulfil your wishes.