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How Old is too Old for Summer Camp

The new year has just started and believe it or not it is time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your children for the summer.  Once kids reach the “tween” and teen years their enthusiasm for summer camp may not be what you expect it to be.  As kids reach a certain age and maturity they may think they are too old to be heading off to summer camp.  How old is too old for summer camp?  There is no real answer to that.  You as the parent know that kids still need positive and structured activity throughout the summer.

Camps for Older Kids

When your child feels they are too old for summer camp and you feel they are still far too young to be spending their summers home alone there is a solution.  There are tons of camps that are geared towards older kids and even teens.  These camps don’t allow younger kids giving these kids a feeling of maturity.  They still do safe, fun and exciting activities that are geared towards their age group.  There is still supervision by adult staff and camp counselors are there to help and they are more experienced in working with older kids.  Here is a look at a camp for older kids.

The tween and teenage years can be awkward and kids are constantly looking to fit in.  They are not quite adults and no longer children interested in playing with toys.  The key to getting them to enjoy the experience is letting them know that the programs are geared towards them.  They are more likely to enjoy the whole idea of summer camp and they may even want to return the following year.

Finding a Summer Camp for Your Older Child

Where do you start to look for a summer camp for your older child?  For younger kids it’s fairly easy you have probably already seen advertisements for them.  Check with friends and colleagues to see what they plan on doing with their kids for the summer.  You can also look online and see what types camps are available and where they are, there is a directory of summer camps that you can check out.

Older kids have the benefit of camps geared around specific activities, like sports, music or another hobby that they are really interested in.  That may be what convinces them that summer camp is a good idea.

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

Summer will be here before you know and then it is time to figure out what to do with the kids while they are on summer vacation.  There is always grandma’s house along with family vacations but one things that kids really love is going to summer camp.  Summer camps can be a week or two for your kids, and now they can go to a camp geared around something they love, be it gaming or baseball.  But do you know how to choose the right summer camp for your kids?  Let’s look at your option.

Age Appropriate Camps

Most summer camps are broken down according to age, so your kids will be at camp with other kids their own age.  Any of the activities or learning that is done there is at an age appropriate level.  The physical as well as other activities are designed for your child’s age group.  You can still have camps based on specific activities like music that your kids love.

Variety of Choices

As mentioned earlier there are tons of different summer camps and learning activities that your kids can participate in, with each camp having a specialty.  Find one that your child will enjoy.  A simple internet search will give you tons of options.  There are camps for science and tech where kids can learn code or robotics.  There are sports related camps where they can spend the summer improving their soccer skills.  Find out what your child really wants to spend the summer doing and go from there.

Camps for Older Kids

Summer camp isn’t just for 8-12 year olds, teens can enjoy summer camp too as long as you find something that they love.  Most teenagers won’t go for the sake of just being at summer camp, but they will go if there is something there they want to participate in.  Another option for teens is to have them work at a summer camp.  If they are comfortable enough and responsible enough to deal with kids on a daily basis then a summer job as a camp counselor may be ideal.  They also get to earn a little money while they are away too.

The Location

With smaller kids it may be easier to find a camp that is relatively close to home, but if you are interested in finding a summer camp for a specific activity then your kids may have to travel.

Summer camp can be a great experience for your kids, let them have some input on where they want to go and that will help make sure they enjoy the experience.