What To Know About Pressure Washing Orange County

There are several different pressure washing orange county method, and you can pick and choose the one that will help you get the job done. First of all turn on your garden hose and the water will come out of the tube about 8 gallons in one minute. Then a spray gun that attaches to your hose will spray about 5 gallons in one minute.

A pressure washer is extreme, and there are gas powered and electric motors that boost the water pressure to 1,000 PSI (per square inch) to 4,000 per square inch. Of course, they clean much better than an ordinary spray gun attached to your hose.

The gas powered pressure washing orange county is more powerful than the electric, and you can rent one of those if you prefer. If you’re planning on cleaning your patio, garage floor, or your concrete driveway, it would probably be better to rent the machine. Even if you have large jobs to do, borrow the different machines before you buy one because they are expensive.

Pressure Washing Orange County

Follow the directions you receive when you buy or rent the machine. It is essential that you don’t aim and blast windows for they will naturally break. Practice with the pressure, so you don’t point at the wrong things, and be very cautious when children or pets are around.

Those pressure washers are high when it is time to clean your tire wheels or oil on your garage floors. You can also clean the sides and eaves of your home but as we said before, don’t use them on your windows.

You will also want to purchase solutions that are recommended for your pressure washer. Don’t substitute cleaners from around your home, because they don’t work as well.

Other suggestions that might work well for you: Never use a ladder when using a pressure washer; cover all outdoor electric outlets; never use bleach; always wear goggles to protect your eyes; around windows, work at an angle; invest in interchangeable nozzles and tips; spray the chemicals on the item you are cleaning, let it sit for about five minutes, then spray it off with clear water.