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We believe everyone nowadays has heard of the term artificial intelligence. The probability that younger persons know more about the subject than the older people is very high. How is that? Well, in a time of the internet, where every information could be obtained by searching it online, the younger people have more access. It is not as if the older people cannot do the same, it is just that they are somehow afraid of the technology. Nevertheless, not in a way that the technology can harm them, but they just cannot wrap their heads around it. It is more common for persons who have heard some unrealistic stories about artificial intelligence that thinks that AI can hurt them or even replace them. However, that is not a valid fact because the obvious thing is that the source of information was not good and trustworthy.

In this article, we want to talk about AI for customer service. If you want to know more after reading this article, you can visit the Forbes website, where they explain how the AI for customer service is beneficial to big companies. The most common example of AI for customer service is the chatbot. If you ever shopped online, then you have probably noticed the popup chat windows. The chat windows appear on your screen and it seems very human-like. No matter what you are shopping, the first question is always something like, welcome to our website how can we help you. Depending on your answers, the chatbot will continue on asking questions, until it gives you the wanted answer.

Ai For Customer Service

If you are not familiar with the artificial intelligence for customer service, then you would just assume that there is a person – employee behind the screen and that he or she is helping you. However, even though that can be a case, it happens more and more that companies implement chatbots into their websites so they improve customer service. Whether you like it or not, the progress is reflected in small things such as chatbot. However, one may wonder now if artificial intelligence will steal his or her job, whether they will be replaced, etc. We as species need to evolve and we need to improve. Thinking that artificial intelligence will replace us is such a naïve opinion from the movies, and you should not think like that. We are at the very beginning of the technological boom, even though the science has improved so much we ride so close to the stars. The natural intelligence will never be replaceable, and artificial intelligence should be used only for purposes of advancing and profiting.

If you want to know more, then you should definitely check out the Forbes article, where is briefly explained how the AI for customer service works, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it. For the sake of information, chatbots are not the only option for customer service. Being informed is very important, but you need to be careful where you obtain your info from.