A challenge course or ropes course is a series of activities, events and challenges that are designed to build group dynamics, communication skills, self concept and challenge each participant to push beyond what they think they can do.

Initiative activities and low ropes activities are done in large groups and can only be completed if the whole group is working together. These activities are sometimes done on cables or ropes that are set up in trees up to 5 feet off the ground.

High ropes activities are done with partners or individually and are done on ropes and cables set up in poles and trees. These activities are between 12 and 40 feet off the ground.

From Corporate teambuilding to Youth leadership initiatives, we have what it takes to ensure your group goes home with a deeper understanding of themselves and a strengthened sense of communication. Please see sample agendas below.  We can customize a program to achieve your goals.

Sample Agenda 1 Day, 1 Meal

Sample Agenda 1 Night, 3 Meals

Sample Agenda 2 Nights, 6 Meals

High Ropes

Camp Whittier boasts an impressive high ropes course with 11 different element options.  In all high ropes course activities participants use safety systems or harnesses and safety lines while they are participating.

Giants Ladder: A wonderful team element where up to 3 climbershelps each other attain the goal of scaling to the top.

Leap of Faith: Climb to the top of the pole, take a deep breath and leap into the abyss. For some, this challenge is life changing.

Rock Wall: Even for the experienced climber, our unique rock wall holds a challenge for anyone!

Few courses also offer participants the chance to have their team belay them. At Camp Whittier, that is also an option. Our team belay poles allow everyone to participate even when they aren’t climbing.

Low Ropes

Camp Whittier has many options for Low ropes challenges. All of our activities are challenge course safety rated and designed to push teams outside of their comfort zones.

Whale Watch: a comprehensive game that focus’s on timing, body language and problem solving.

Chumash Wiki-up Building: Ties groups together utilizing teambuilding skills while instilling a deeper sense of community.

TP Shuffle: The TP shuffle is a great activity for silent challenges and is often part of our "trust" series.

Camp Whittier has hundreds of activity options that we are waiting to explore with you. With all the possibilities and natural beauty that surrounds Camp Whittier, now is the time to create your once in a lifetime experience. Call today and change your world for the better!