Outdoor Education

Camp Whittier works with a group of trained and highly experienced local naturalists and challenge course facilitators to be able to offer top-notch outdoor education programs for schools and youth groups which can be tailored to meet your specific curriculum.   

Day Programming:

Outdoor Education

Teambuilding/Low Ropes: Team building activities focus on group dynamics and the individual's role in the group. Interpersonal skills are highlighted, including communication, leadership, support, trust, and push personal limits.

High Ropes: Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to reach new heights by scaling high ropes initiatives supported by their teammates. 

Primitive Living Skills: Students learn a variety of skills including weaving yucca cordage, archery, and shelter building.

shelter building

Interpretive Nature Curriculum: Students are led on an interpretive nature hike along wilderness trails and creek systems. They learn about wild edibles and medicinal plants, how animals move and hunt, and the importance of preserving earth's natural resources.

Owl Pellet Dissection:  Students use dissection kits to learn more about the diets and digestive system of this nocturnal bird.

Native American Crafts: Students are shown how to make various crafts, including bags, dream catchers, arrows and drums.

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Sample 2 Night 3 Day Agenda

Sample 3 Night 4 Day Agenda

Night Programming:

Astronomy: Program staff give students a systems perspective of the night sky, identifying major constellations and sharing stories about how they got their names.

Night Hikes/Sensory Awareness: Students experience the thrill of hiking at night and are given the opportunity to explore the different sensory experience of nighttime sights, sounds and smells.

Campfire Skits: Groups are guided through the process of coming up with a skit, preparing, practicing, then performing before the larger group at the final night's campfire.